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AI-powered infrastructure enabling economic resilience.

TechAid enables beneficiaries to indicate what they need, and suppliers to indicate what they have - within the context of proximity.

Reduce Waste

Increase Transparency

Improve Productivity


A global problem requires a scalable solution.

“Global hunger levels are at a new high. In just two years, the number of severely food insecure people has doubled, from 135 million pre-pandemic to 276 million today.


More than half a million people are living in famine conditions – an increase of more than 500 percent since 2016.”

-UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres

TechAid's Story

Envisioned at the 2022 World Economic Forum, TechAid  enables individuals and groups in crisis to indicate what they need and where they are via a simple mobile phone interface.  

Reliably aggregated supply and demand data is critical not just in crisis situations, but in peacetime and reconstruction as well.  We give communities the ability to endure and thrive by surfacing the needs and desires of their residents - at scale..

We joined forces with the AI For Good Foundation in 2023, with the goal of increasing impact by scaling AI For Good's technologies, such as LifeForce, to additional markets.

Our long term vision is to vet social impact solutions within AI For Good, and spin out the 'best of' for commercialization via for-profit entities like TechAid. AI For Good will continue to deploy existing technology in emergency situations at no cost, while TechAid explores using the same technology to create sustainable income streams - combining best practices from the private and public sectors.


Founding Values



TechAid is designed to make life easier for users – regardless of technical literacy. 

Any individual with a mobile phone can securely find or request what they need in real time and in proximity to their current location.



We believe access to proper nutrition, medicine, and hygiene, with dignity, is a fundamental human right: TechAid seeks to make this a reality for the underserved. 

As a Public Benefit Corporation, we voluntarily hold ourselves to a higher standard and are committed to leveraging technology for the greater good.



Using AI infrastructure, TechAid seamlessly connects supply and demand. We measure improvement across three dimensions: 

Waste: a reliable demand signal reduces the over- and under- supply of goods.

Transparency: visibility to demand enables aid organizations to improve efficiency and report specific outcomes back to donors.

Productivity: Automation of manual tasks frees up time for value-added work, improving resource allocation and return on investment.

Founding Team

Co-Founder of interactive mapping software startup (, founder of financial + small business consulting and real estate ventures. Former AMZN Principal Product Manager, Starbucks Finance Lead, Wells Fargo VP, completed MBA at the Foster School of Business.
Supported Global Amazon Fresh (2020) and WW Prime (2018) Subscription programs; regional VC Investment Competition Finalist (2017), national VC Fund Development Competition Finalist (2017), architected data-driven demand planning and sales strategy for Self Employed Women's Association in India (2016), studied International Business, and Spanish in the US, Germany and Spain.

Lacey Hunter

Co-Founder + CEO

Founder and CEO of AI for Good Foundation, angel investor in "tech for good" space, holder of multiple AI patents. Founded and led the AI Research Group at Bloomberg, completed doctoral studies in Artificial Intelligence as a Marie Curie fellow at the Josef Stefan Institute in Slovenia, holds undergraduate degrees in CompSci and Philosophy from Princeton University.
Since 2015, the AI for Good Foundation has worked with multiple governments, the UN, and OECD to design and deploy tech-enabled policies and solutions for social and economic transformation. Research centered in Sustainable Development, Global Information Flows, and NLP.

James Hodson

Co-Founder + CTO


Founder and CEO Accountability Inc., Co-Founder Wild Creations Toys (exit 2013), named Best US Small Business Coach (2018). Former USAID (Tajikistan + Kazakhstan), Peace Corps (Uzbekistan), Habitat for Humanity.

Best selling author (The Entrepreneurs Book of Actions), columnist (Forbes, Inc. Magazine, Thrive Global), international speaker and moderator on entrepreneurship and leadership at the World Economic Forum, Web Summit, SXSW. Work has been featured in the Huffington Post, Business Insider, The Hill, Time, The Wall Street Journal, and CNN Money.

Rhett Power

Co-Founder + Advisor

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