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Enabling economic resilience.

TechAid leverages distributed tech to facilitate the connection of supply and demand - within the context of proximity.

Reduce Waste

Increase Transparency

Improve Productivity


A global problem requires a scalable solution.

“Global hunger levels are at a new high. In just two years, the number of severely food insecure people has doubled, from 135 million pre-pandemic to 276 million today.


More than half a million people are living in famine conditions – an increase of more than 500 percent since 2016.”

-UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres


Our Mission



TechAid is designed to make life easier for users – regardless of technical literacy. If our solution isn't easy to use and understand, we've got more work to do. 

Only requiring access to a data-enabled phone, TechAid provides the infrastructure for users to securely indicate what they need and where they are. No coding skills are required, and best-in-class UX is a platform mandate. 



We believe access to proper nutrition, medicine, and hygiene, with dignity, is a fundamental human right: TechAid seeks to make this a reality for the underserved. 

As a Public Benefit Corporation, we voluntarily hold ourselves to a higher standard and are committed to empowering the underserved.



TechAid enables economic resilience by matching local supply with local demand, reducing dependence on foreign aid.

We measure improvement across three dimensions: 

1) Waste Reduction: a reliable demand signal reduces the likelihood of over- and under- supply of goods.

2) Increase in Transparency: a distributed, immutable record of each step provides visibility into successful deliveries and areas requiring improvement. 

3) Increase in Productivity: Automation of manual tasks frees up time for value-added work, improving resource allocation and return on investment.

TechAid's Story

Envisioned at the 2022 World Economic Forum, TechAid is an application that enables individuals and groups in crisis to indicate what they need and where they via a simple mobile phone interface.

Requestors are matched with local suppliers and support in real-time, with best in class security architecture to ensure sensitive data is protected. Demand data is organized by volume and location, enabling providers to demand-plan with previously unattainable accuracy.

Reliably aggregated supply and demand data is critical not just in crisis situations, but in peacetime and reconstruction as well.  We give communities the ability to endure and thrive both during and after a crisis.

Founding Team

Entrepreneur, AMZN Principal Product Manager, SBUX Finance Lead, WFC VP
Architected data-driven demand planning and sales strategy for Self Employed Women's Association in India

Lacey Hunter

CEO & Founder


Entrepreneur, US AID Director

(Tajikistan +Kazakhstan), Peace Corps, Habitat for Humanity

Columnist (Forbes, Inc.) Author, Speaker and Executive Coach - Advisory Council member

Rhett Power

Advisor & Founder

Entrepreneur, Codex DF Lead Product Manager, Director of UW Blockchain Society
Committed to accessibility + promoting ethical use cases of alobal data

Aiden Smith

COO & Founder

Interested in helping?

We're tackling a big issue, and need all the help we can get. If you want to help, fill out this form and we'll reach out! If you know someone of interest, send them the link!

Regardless, thank you for giving our project a look. 

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