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FAQ #1. What problem does TechAid solve?

TechAid allows any individual with a mobile phone to securely find what they need in real time: shelter, transport, nutrition, medicine, healthcare, basic supplies, benefits, and a range of civil and social services. This dataset is of particular interest to NGOs and governments working to meet the needs of beneficiaries or constituents within a given region, in addition to small and medium sized businesses interested in driving awareness/discovery of their whereabouts, hours of operation and offering (eg, users are matched with bricks and mortar businesses they didn’t know were operating or exist otherwise).

FAQ #2. What is the nature of the relationship between the AI for Good Foundation and TechAid?

Although the final form is pending, we expect that the AI for Good Foundation ("AI4G") will become the parent company of one or many wholly-owned subsidiaries, including TechAid ("TA"). This structure will enable innovation and development work to continue at the parent company with the possibility to spin-out the most promising inventions into for-profit entities, which, if successful, will distribute financial support back to the parent. National Public Radio and Mozilla Foundation are each examples of this type of structure (parent/subsidiary) where one entity is a not-for-profit that provides content, IP or other support to for-profit subsidiaries that generate revenue in local markets.

FAQ #3.  I want to trial the software for my entity.  How do I get started?

We'd love to talk to you and learn more about your situation - please use the form linked here to give the team some more details and we'll reach out. All trials are free of charge and will be used to inform the future pricing and roadmap of the product. 

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